Generic Drugs Sold BY Canadian HealthCare Mall

You come to a drugstore with the prescription list, but instead of the preparation which is written out by the doctor with a famous trade mark or brand, the pharmaceutist offers you other medicine of similar appointment, explaining it to that your insurance pays only this “generic”….


Ulcer at Children Treated by Canadian HealthCare Mall

The ulcer at children is known in scientific literature as peptic ulcer disease. This chronic disease which passes with recidivisms is shown by existence of ulcerous defect in mucous membrane of stomach and/or dodecadactylon. Also during the disease other organs of gastrointestinal tract suffer…

Canadian Health Care Mall: Respiratory Disease or Quinsy

Late autumn, winter and spring are seasons when the risk of respiratory diseases increase considerably. What symptoms may you observe? The main symptoms are temperature increase, sore throat, running nose and cough. But what actions should you apply in case of sore throat? Why do we ask such a…